Spaghetti and veggie meatballs

This meal is as cheap, simple and quick as it gets.


I was planning on using red sauce, but the container I had expired in April. I made this after a long day and was too tired to go to the store just for marinara sauce, so I used white sauce instead. I’m definitely a fan of wheat pasta. This pasta was purchased in bulk at Costco.  I bought the Quorn “meatballs” at Sunflower Market.

Time to start cooking! …do I need to explain how to cook noodles? It’s very simple, and the bag gives you directions if you have any doubts.

Put noodles into a big pot o’ boiling water. Stir the noodles occasionally for 11 minutes while you simmer the meatballs and sauce at medium heat. If the sauce is spitting at you, it’s too hot. Stir the meatballs/sauce and separate any meatballs that were frozen together once they start to soften up.

The Quorn package recommends a 15-18 minute cook time for the meatballs.  They should be ready shortly after you drain the noodles.

Drain the pasta. Put the pasta back in the big o’ pot and top with sauce/meatballs. Add Tony Cachere’s if you’d like.

Although I had my heart set on red sauce, this came out better than expected. This was my first time trying Quorn’s meatballs and they were great!

This made about five days of leftovers. I thought it was good, but not great. It’s about what you would expect from quick spaghetti.


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