It’s my goal to provide cheap/fast/easy/delicious recipes to vegetarians in grad school. There will be something for everyone, even if you eat meat and/or don’t go to college!

Why should I read your blog?

Buying vegetarian-friendly food is sometimes expensive. It’s also difficult to find cheap, quick food when you’re a student and are working hard to meet a deadline. This will be a learning experience for me as I refine my photography and cooking skills.

Why are you a vegetarian?

Mostly because I’ve never liked meat. I watched a video in my 7th grade health class outlining what goes into a hot dog. I figured I’d give vegetarianism a shot, assuming it would be a fad that would last a few weeks, but low and behold, I have not eaten meat in 9 years.

What exactly do (not) you eat?

A vegetarian diet is easy once you put your mind to it! I can go to most places and find something to eat. I particularly love Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, etc. but also love something as simple as subbing beans for meat at Taco Bell and ordering a “grilled cheese” from In-n-Out burger.

I’m an octo lavo vegetarian, meaning the only “questionable” items I eat are animal products like dairy and eggs. I do not eat anything with animal broth. Odd, I know, but it works for me.

How do you get protein?

Vitamins are a lifesaver. I eat a protein bar every morning for breakfast and try to incorporate things like nuts and hummus into my daily routine.

Go vegan! Why aren’t you a vegan?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love vegan food. The short answer is I love eggs and dairy too much to give them up. I’d consider it if I truly cooked all my own food.

…and you are?

I’m a 22-year-old graduate journalism student who adores music, bike rides, tea and funky vegetarian/vegan food.

That’s me, your kooky host!

What kind of camera do you have?

Canon Rebel XS

I have an AMAZING recipe you should post.

I’m willing to try anything and everything. If you have a recipe you’d like me to check out, please email it to me: mmfossum@gmail.com



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